Adding a CSS menu from Coffeecup HTML Editor
Step 1. Create your menu in the HTML Editor.
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/menu-menu.css" media="screen">
Now in the same HTML Box as above paste your menu CSS link reference that the Editor generated to the Header HTML Tab.
Click on "Edit" then "Add files" now click on the {ROOT}. Now click on "Add a folder". Now name the new folder css. Next click on the new css folder you just added and click on "Add Files" at the bottom of the window. Now browse to where you saved your menu in the editor and look in the css folder and select menu-menu.css if you left the default name. Otherwise look for the name of your menu. It should match the <ul class="menu-menu"> in the HTML Body code above.
Step 2. Paste your menu HTML code that the Editor generated into a HTML box on your page. (Paste to the Body HTML) Keep the HTML box code open for the next step.
<ul class="menu-menu">
<li class="first"><a href="">My S-Drive</a></li>
<a href="">CoffeeCup</a>
<li class="first"><a href="">CC Forum</a></li>
Adjust the width of the HTML box to fit your menu without wrapping.
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Step 4.
Now lets add the needed css file the editor generated
Step 3.
You may need to turn on Advanced text for the text boxes under your menu so the menu will be on top. Play around with the "Object" then "Arrange" then "Send Backward" settings of the text boxes.