Custom Fonts in VSD
<style type="text/css">
@font-face {font-family: FlowerSketches;
src: url('fonts/FlowerSketches.ttf');}
.customfont { font-family: FlowerSketches; font-size: 60px;
<div class="customfont">This is my font.</div>
Add this code to the Body HTML of a HTML box.
Adjust the FlowerSketches to the name of your font.
Add this code to the Header HTML of the same HTML box above.
Now use the add files tool and add a folder to your site named fonts and add your custom font to the folder
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This is text added with the VSD text tool.
The text below was added with the standard text tool but is being overriden with the work around below.
So is this text
To overide what VSD does to text, type your text with the text tool then do a preview of your page. Now right click on the preview and select view source. Now scroll down until you see the text you would like to override. Look for something similar to this. Your textstyle numbers may be different.
<div class="Object52186"><span class="textstyle7">
<style type="text/css">
@font-face {font-family: FlowerSketches;src: url('fonts/FlowerSketches.ttf');}
.textstyle6, .textstyle7 { font-family: FlowerSketches; font-size: 13px;color:green;}
Now take the textstyle7 and add it to the CSS code to override VSD.
In my two text overrides above one was textstyle6 and the other was textstyle7 because I wanted to show how using two different text in VSD would be handled. Now list the textstyle#'s in the CSS seperated by commas as I've done for each text style. The font CSS code is the same as using the html box but the textstyle class is added to override VSD. The reason this overides VSD is because VSD adds the HTML that you add below any it adds to the head of the page so the last comannd the browser see's for text style is the override. This is why CSS works. Cascading Sheet style.
You may have to increase the actual font size using the text tool in VSD if the text wraps so VSD will give the div for your text enough room. This will all depend on your chosen text and text size.