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Switch Iframe Content
<iframe name="iframeswitch" src="pagea.html" width="300" height="200" scrolling="no" frameborder="0">
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>
Place the code below in to the Body HTML of a HTML box.
Now insert another html box on your page and place the code below in the Body HTML. Repeat for every page you want to switch and adjust the href for the name of your page. Adjust the words Switch to page a to your needs.
<a target="iframeswitch" href="pagea.html">Switch to page a</a>
I have 3 pages so I setup 3 links by adding 3 html boxes.
If you want to use images for your links the add them to your site and adjust the links above to look like this.
Adjust the src to the page you want to show at load.
<a target="iframeswitch" href="pageb.html">Switch to page b</a>
<a target="iframeswitch" href="pagec.html">Switch to page c</a>
<a target="iframeswitch" href="pagea.html"><img src="myimage1.png" /></a>
<a target="iframeswitch" href="pageb.html"><img src="myimage2.png" /></a>
<a target="iframeswitch" href="pageb.html"><img src="myimage3.png" /></a>
Setting up images to use as links
Now add the images to your site using the add files tools. Add them to the directory structure you used in the HTML boxes above.