Here's how to have any content loaded into mutiple pages without changing every page using java script.
<script type="text/javascript" src="include.js"> </script>
1. Open notepad or any html editor and create your content. Place the content between the single quote marks in the following line.
document.write('Content goes here.' );
Mine looks like this.
document.write('This text was made in notepad and saved as "include.js" file. The name can be what ever you want but the extension needs to always be .js');
2. Now save the file with what ever name you like just make sure to save it with the extension of .js
4.Place this code into the body of a HTML box on every page that you want your content on. Adjust the src to match your file name and location.
3. Go to add files in VSD and add the .js file that you just saved.
These lines of text are being loaded by my java script
You can have mutiples lines in the .js file just make sure they all have the document.write('Content goes here.' )

document.write('Content1 goes here.' );
document.write('Content2 goes here.' );

To save this file as a .js file in notepad
A. Click on file.
B. Click on Save as
C. In the window that opens there will be two bars at the bottom one will say "Save As Type" then "Text Documents (*txt)". Click the little triangle to the right and select All Files.
D. Now type the name for your file in the File Name bar as "myfile.js" and click "Save".
Here's an example a complete web page included.
<div align="left"><script type="text/javascript" src="include.js"> </script></div>
Wrap the script in a <div> to set alignment of the text.
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