To add a jukebox popup to your site use the "Add Flash" tool in VSD and add browse to your jukebox xml that Coffeecups Web Jukebox made.
Next click on the "Add files" tool under "Edit" and browse to your jukebox files that the Web Jukebox player made and click on the html page that is in the files. It will be the name that you named your jukbox when you saved it with .html on the end. So it might be somethng myjukebox.html
Now add a HTML box to your page and click on the Header HTML tab. Copy and paste this code into it and adjust the myjukebox.html to the actual name of your jukebox. Next change the width and height to your player size. You may have to preview it a few times to get it correct.
Adjust the 3000 to how long you want to wait befor the popup loads. 3000 = 3 seconds.
Add Jukebox popup
<script language="javascript">
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