Live Chat
Live Chat
Add Coffeecup Live Chat to a pop-up window
To add a pop-up live chat to VSD make your chat in CC live Chat and add to its own page in VSD using the "Add Flash" tool and make the page the same size as the chat box. Next follow the instructions on this page to setup the colorbox files then setup your links as below.
<a class='example7' href="chatter.html" title="Live Chat" style="text-decoration:none"><font size="5" face="Andalus" color="#800000"><b>Live Chat</b></font></a>
This is the name of the VSD page that I placed my first form on using the flash tool.
When creating your chat do not name it the same as your page that you add to VSD
Chat name: chat
VSD page: chatter
Paste the code below to a HTML box. Body HTML
Form name: chat
VSD page: chat
In Correct
Name that you saved the chat under with CC Live Chat
Name of the page added to VSD.
Back to
<a class='example7' href="chatter.html" style="border: none;" title="Live Chat"><img src="livechat/chat.gif" width="80" height="80" alt="Live Chat" title="" border="0" /></a>
To use the picture link you will need to add the image to VSD with the add files tool. The code above will make the image appear and be linked to the Chat.
Picture link
Text link