When adding external images and files to VSD, make sure to keep them in a file outside of the mywebsitename_website folder. If you place them inside your files folder for your site VSD may get confused. Placing them inside of a dedicated folder makes it easy to edit them and keep a good handle on them for backup and safe keeping.
Tip 1
Know your links. http://www.coffeecup.com/help/articles/absolute-vs-relative-pathslinks/
Tip 2
As you create new pages for your site VSD will always save them in the original folder that was created unless you do a "save as" and either change the name or location for the save. Let VSD do all the grunt work for you and sit back and relax. Open your site when you want to work on it and just hit the save button when your done, VSD will take care of the rest. The folder for all the files that you add to the Visual Site Designer folder is just for convenience and not necessary at all.
Think of it this way. Lets say you add an image to a page. You use the add image tool in VSD and you browse to your desktop because that's where you saved that awesome photo of your kid from your camera. You publish your site and everything works great. Now lets say a few months down the road you get tired of all those icons on your desktop and decide to do a little cleaning. So you remove that awesome photo of your kid and put it in your picture folder. Now you decide while your on your pc to do a quick update of your website. You do your changes and hit publish and VSD gives you an error saying that it can't find that awesome photo of your kid and would you like to publish anyways. VSD will look for it where it was when you added it to the page. It doesn't know you moved it. This is why I keep a folder outside mywebsitename_website folder to keep everything that I add to my website pages because I know not to delete or move any of this content unless I know I'm done with it for use on my website.
My VSD Tips
Read this article to recover your website if something happens to you pc like a crash. http://www.coffeecup.com/help/articles/how-can-i-recover-my-vnu-file-if-something-goes-terribly-wrong/
Tip 3
Never use spaces in the naming of anything you use on the web. Many applications get confused by the lack of a character. Use an underscore where you would like words to appear seperated for readability.
Tip 4