JQuery slide Show

JQuery slide Show Image

Place your code for the slideshow on it's own HTML page that either you create or get from the net. I use the CC HTML editor. The only thing on the page should be the slide show unless your after some other kinds of Affects. Now ftp the need files to your server. Now use the code below to add an iframe to your shops page. Adjust the src to the actual location and directory structure of your site. You can use relative links if you like but I would keep them absolute until your sure everything is working properly. The best thing about this method is that if it works on the page all by itself it will work in your shop. It removes a lot of the speed bumps with getting code into your shop.

<iframe src="http://mysite.com/shopfiles/shopjquery/index.html" width="600" height="400" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>
You can download my source files here.